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Mycology Now { Magic Mushrooms }

Jordan and Lou are co-owners and creators of Mycology Now ( Magic Mushroom ) The company runs out of Florida Mycology Now is a company that sells spores for microscopy. They have two locations in Denver The mission of the company is to spread spores and knowledge Lou shares how his interest in mycology began. He says it began with his struggle with depression and suicidal tendencies Psilocybin had ended up being the only thing that helped with the struggle, the depression was completely erased Jordan shares his story.

His mother was in a relationship when he was about 10 years old with an abusive man. This man abused narcotics, opioids. He was abusive mentally, physically and emotionally. He grew up being convinced that he wasn’t worthy of love, and he blamed himself About 2 years ago, he discovered mushrooms, and was able to go into the painful parts of his childhood and forgive himself and heal from his trauma. “Although negative things did happen to me, and to my family, I was not the cause of it, and I should not have to carry that around with me.” – Magic Mushrooms
He wants to do everything in his power to bring that to the rest of the world.

Shattering the Stigma

One thing that they have noticed about the younger generation is that they are way more open and have way more acceptance of psychedelics and an interest in self care and mental health
“We are living in an age of information that has never been experienced before, people have the tools to break the stigma on their own just by educating themselves.” – Jordan
Joe mentions that in Colorado, psychedelics are a bit normalized to have conversation about
In Florida, the median age is 55, so there is more of a challenge because people that age grew up in the taboo time of psychedelics.

The start of Mycology Now

It organically grew into a website Lou says it was an entity that grew on its own Joe predicts that in 2020, we are about to see the Psilocybin movement really take off Joe brings up the Paul Stamets Stack, which is Cubensis, Lions Mane and Niacin There are testimonials about auditory changes that you can measure, you can increase your ability to hear frequencies They bring up an example of a deaf man being able to hear the waves of the ocean for the first time after practicing the Stamet’s stack.

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