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The “A+” strain cubensis is a strong culture and average colonization times. Prolific fruiter with beautiful pins with caps sometimes covered in inverted warts. This strain tends to have very large fruit that sporulate heavily. Easy to fruit strain and a classic. This is the same strain that the more popular Albino A+ strain mutated from. If you are looking for a reliable strain for your microscopy purposes, this one is a must have in your collection.


Buy Albino A+


Buy Albino A+  comes with the heavy potent fruits of the A-Strain with the tendency to mature into albino looking caps.

Mushroom spores are the starting point of mushroom cultivation, with these spores you can potentially grow millions of muhsrooms. We offer you a great collection of high quality mushroom spores in vails, syringes and spore prints.

The word ‘spore’ comes from the ancient Greek word Spora which means: Seed. We know now, this is not a correct term. Spores are not seeds to be exact. In the case of the P. cubensisP. cyanescens and other Basidiomycota fungi; spores are formed in the reproduction organ (the mushroom) of the fungus, without the need of another specimen.

Buy spore syringes with Psilocybe cubensis spores. Grow your own mushrooms or research the mushroom spores.

The Albino A+ is not a true Albino. It is a very pale cubensis. The stems are very light brown and the caps are white. The Albino A+ is a fast colonizer, intermediate colonizer and it produces above average yields. The Albino A+ is a remarkable cubensis because of the appearance. Cultivate the mushrooms using regular cubensis TEKS.

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