Treasure Coast Mushrooms


This Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms strain has been made popular by a man named Mr. G an infamous mycologist in the underground shroom world.

Users have reported Treasure Coast Cubensis having a very strong and intense beginning and then becoming more chill as the high sets in. Treasure Coast has also been reported to provide more visuals.

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Treasure Coast  Mushrooms

Treasure Coast  mushroom for sale, are great for anyone who wants to experience a visually intense mushroom trip. With the Treasure Coast mushroom, you can now grow the magic mushrooms very quickly so you can enjoy a happy trip with a violent laugh kick.

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Treasure  mushroom growkit can be ordered directly into our online psychedelic shop. We deliver our stuff to your home discreetly, tracking number provided. Since our Treasure Coast mushrooms grows so fast you can already make a trip on these strain after only 2 weeks of breeding. So opt for the  mushroom growkit when you have a little less patience. The trip won’t disappoint you. Order  Treasure Coast mushroom from our online shop today!

about treasure  mushroom


Original specimens of this strain were collected some time ago from the Southern Florida Gulf Coast. A very prolific fruiter, Treasure Coast strain is noted for it ability to occasionally spin off albino, or near albino sub strains.

Count on a harvest that is around 500 to 100 grams of treasure coast mushrooms when you stick to the instructions how to grow treasure coast mushroom. The Treasure Coast growkit is available in 2100 cc. Treasure Coast mushroom is? You can use it on average 5 times when you handle it correctly. The Treasure Coast magic mushrooms are easy to grow. They colonize very quickly and have a caramel colored hat with white dots. The stems are meaty. They don’t give tall strains but there are many of them and they grow incredibly densely populated. It’s funny that sometimes there’s an albino mushroom in between the treasure coast magic mushroom. This one is completely white in color. Those white magic mushrooms are a real victory. These are often even more powerful. Within 2 weeks you could have all your own magic mushrooms, this is because this magic mushroom species is growing very fast.

where can i buy Treasure Coast magic mushrooms online?


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